Using DeSpace without a Centralized Exchange

It might not always be possible to use a Centralized Exchange to move tokens to your browser or mobile wallet. Exchanges are blocked in some places, and their identity requirements can be a turn-off for users with an eye toward privacy and anonymity.

Still, it’s possible to purchase crypto tokens using fiat currency via what is known as a β€˜fiat on-ramp’. An on-ramp is just a gateway to purchase crypto using fiat. And off-ramp, as the name would suggest, takes crypto and converts it back into fiat currency.

Some mobile wallets like Lead Wallet have a built-in on-ramp inside the wallet app. Using a credit card, you can quickly and easily purchase crypto directly to your wallet. You can then use those wallets to connect with DeSpace or, if it’s easier, simply transfer the tokens to your MetaMask.

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