$DES Token

DeSpace Token (DES)


DeSpace Token (DES)

The DeSpace token (DES) is the native token for the DeSpace ecosystem and DeChain blockchain. The token serves multiple functions including in various ecosystem utilities and as the medium of payment for all transaction fees charged within the DeSpace ecosystem.

DES is multi-chain compatible, existing in various blockchains such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, and other programmable layer blockchains such as Casper, Flow, etc.

Token Networks


BNB Chain



DES Token Utility

$DES is the native token of DeSpace and the primary ecosystem currency. While other major cryptocurrencies can be used throughout DeSpace, using $DES reduces fees in most cases and unlocks extra benefits throughout the site.

$DES utilities include:

  • Staking rewards

  • NFT lottery access

  • Reduced fees

  • Stablecoin collateral

  • NFT marketplace transactions

Technology Stack

  • JavaScript or TypeScript: The core technology behind the protocol.

  • TypeScript is preferred as it is statically SDKs to interact with the chain would also be built with this technology.

  • Docker: To build and run images.

  • Terraform: For infrastructure building and versioning.

  • GraphQL: A GraphQL layer would be built on top of the RPC layer to ensure that it is possible to interact with the protocol using GraphQL.

  • Serverless: This layer would be built for the sake of those who love to invoke functions.

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