$gDES Token


gDES is the governance token needed to participate in the upcoming DeSpace DAO. The DAO itself will give our users control over all aspects of the DeSpace ecosystem, including changes to gDES issuance, liquidity pool details, fees and new products.

To farm gDES, users need to stake LP tokens in DeSwap Farm. For full details on how gDES rewards are issued, please see the following sections.

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gDES is designed to reward early DeSpace supporters with a key to the entire ecosystem. Those that contribute liquidity to DeSwap at first will receive proportionally higher gDES rewards, giving them more say in the upcoming DAO. This ensures that those with the most power in the DAO are those that have supported DeSpace from the very beginning.

Read more about the DAO:

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gDES has no maximum supply, however the tokenomics will be subject to DAO governance changes. For example, if the DAO votes to cap the gDES supply, DeSpace Protocol will work to implement the will of the DAO.

gDES is available on all networks supported by DeSwap Farms.

gDES Listing

By default, gDES will be unlisted on exchanges. This is to ensure that the token distribution proceeds according to the overall goal, i.e. to give ecosystem stakeholders control over the DAO.

The listing status of the token can be changed by DAO vote. If the DAO chooses to list gDES for trading, DeSpace Protocol will create liquidity pools to facilitate swaps.

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