💰Referral rewards

The DeSwap Referral program is a great way for users to benefit from the growth of our network. By referring your friends, you can earn back part of their swap fees as rewards.

DeSwap Referral rewards are currently 100%!

Please note that referral rewards are paid on swap fees. These are taken from each swap at the time of transaction and are a fixed 0.3% of the transaction total.

Getting referral rewards are simple.

Step 1

Navigate to despace.app/referral and connect your wallet. You should see your unique referral code displayed.

Step 2

Copy your Referral Link. You can do this by clicking the boxes next to the Referral URL, or by clicking 'Invite Friends'.

Step 3

Share your code with your network! Whenever someone clicks on your link and proceeds to trade on DeSwap, the system automatically logs the trade amount and the referral link they used to arrive on the page.

The current referral program will run for three months, after which we’ll review the system and adjust it as needed. Rewards will be unlocked quarterly — keep an eye on the referral interface and watch the rewards stack as your code is utilizied.

Head to DeSwap today and refer your friends to start earning!

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