🚜Adding LP tokens to an existing Farm

Most users will only interact with the Farm front-end interface that allows LP tokens to be staked and unstaked from a Farm.

Before farming, you need to add liquidity to a pair. Please see our section β€˜How to add/remove liquidity’ for instructions.

Step 1

Navigate to despace.app/farms and connect your wallet.

Step 2

Enable the contract on the LP pair you would like to farm.

Step 3

Input the number of LP tokens you would like to stake. The more you stake, the higher your proportional allocation of rewards.

Step 4

Confirm the transaction.

Step 5

To remove LP tokens from the farm, unstake them using the same interface. Remember, you need to remove your LP tokens and have them in your wallet before you can remove liquidity.

The DeSwap Farm interface will show you how many gDES tokens you have accumulated in a particular farm. To harvest the gDES you’ve earned and transfer them to your wallet, click β€˜Harvest’ and follow the steps to confirm the transaction.

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