DeSpace DAO

Control over DeSpace Protocol will ultimately rest with the DeSpace DAOβ€”an upcoming governance platform that gives users control over the direction and specific features of DeSpace.

Participation in the DAO is granted by staking gDES tokens. The more tokens a user stakes, the higher their voting capacity. To read more about gDES, visit our section on the token:

DAO members can propose votes to the community on a range of topics relating to the operation of the protocol. If a vote passes, the DeSpace Protocol team will work to implement the will of the DAO.

The DAO will be responsible for almost every aspect of the DeSpace ecosystem. Areas that votes could cover include:

  • Changes to staking yields

  • Changes to gDES tokenomics and issuance

  • Motions to list and delist DeSpace-controlled assets

  • Changes to the NFT protocols

  • Changes to DeLend pools

The above list is not exclusiveβ€”the DAO may choose to vote on any aspect of the DeSpace ecosystem.

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