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How to add/remove liquidity

Liquidity Providers (LPs) can earn a share of the fees from swaps. During our incentivized period this is the full 0.25% - a figure which is substantially higher than other major DEXs.

Step 1

Navigate to DeSwap via

Step 2

Connect your wallet by clicking ‘Connect Wallet’.

Step 3

Select the tokens you would like to add liquidity to. You can add tokens manually, just remember to double-check the contract of the token if you’re entering it in manually!

Step 4

Add the token you would like to contribute to the liquidity pool. You need to add tokens in a 1:1 ratio. Click ‘Add Liquidity’.

Step 5

Approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet. You’ll receive LP tokens that will allow you to withdraw your contributed amount when you choose and will entitle you to a proportional share of the fees received from swaps in that pool.

Step 6

To remove liquidity, click on the ‘Remove Liquidity’ tab.

Step 7

Add LP tokens equivalent to the amount of liquidity you’d like to remove. Click ‘Remove’.

Step 8

Approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Liquidity provision exposes LPs to impermanent loss. Make sure you’re aware of what impermanent loss is and adjust your strategy accordingly. Check this resource for more information.