DeChain Architecture

As a layer 2 solution, DeChain will leverage multiple programming languages such as Substrate, Solidity, JavaScript, and other layer one compatible tools that will allow for the development of a native layer 2 solution that will be compatible with as many blockchains as possible.
The team is in the process of building and developing its wallet, native cryptocurrency, DeFi protocols such as lending, DEXes (spots and derivatives), AMM Liquidity protocols, game dApps, decentralized gamified social platforms, SDKs, NFT minting, and trading DEXes.
All of the mentioned products and services will be directly built on the DeChain blockchain, however, it will be 100% designed to seamlessly operate on the layer one blockchains as a fast-paced and economical service and product.

DeChain Protocol

The DeChain protocol is a layer 2 cross-chain blockchain solution that is designed to solve several problems intrinsic to conventional blockchain networks. Participants can create channels for peer-to-peer transactions and these channels are themselves transactions residing in blocks on the main chain.
For a channel to be successfully established, an address would be created on the main chain and this address is to be funded by participants who intend to join the channel. Funding this address would incur an initial transaction fee.

How Interoperability can be Achieved

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